Suzie Silver and Hilary Harp


August 30 – November 15

Nebula is a hallucinogenically immersive spectacle: a complex, audio-visual composition, which pays playful homage to science fiction fantasies. Captured for video by means of stop-motion photography, objects made of glass, glitter and tulle, are nestled within a kaleidoscopic flow of computer-generated imagery. Drawing from Thomas Wilfred’s Clavilux color organs as well as experimental abstract filmmakers such as Mary Ellen Bute, and James and John Whitney, Nebula also recalls liquid light shows and the marvelous sightings of the Hubble Space Telescope. By enveloping the viewer in a multi-sensory experience absolutely other than our daily materiality, Nebula mines the wonder and pleasure at the root of both cosmology and camp.

About Suzie Silver and Hilary Harp

Suzie Silver has been creating queer performance and video art for over two decades.  Her early videos, Freebird and A Spy are canonical.  Hilary Harp was trained in sculpture at Parsons School of Design and Tyler School of Art and creates sculptures, installations and videos which explore hybrid forms and challenge categories.  Since 2003 Harp and Silver have collaborated on videos and mixed media installations that celebrate their shared love of science fiction, camp sensibilities and performance art. Their videos have screened at over one hundred festivals on five continents and are distributed by the Video Data Bank. Their ongoing collaboration, “Fairy Fantastic!” – a fairy and folk tale video series for gender non-conforming kids of all ages – has screened at festivals in Belarus, London, Portugal, Romania and Australia. Harp is Associate Professor of Sculpture at Arizona State University.  Silver is Professor of Time-Based Media at Carnegie Mellon University.



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