CURATED BY: Sean Beauford

Lauren Valley

Getting A Job Using Robots

July 13 – August 31

Junie Genius is a weekly mad-science YouTube series that explores the implications of the maker movement on everyday life.


“How To Get A Job Using Robots,” pulls from both the internet’s DIY mentality and the notion of the social media “influencer” finding ways to monetize their lives, however absurd or seemingly impractical. In this episode, Junie attempts to gain employment through the use of a finicky and unpredictable resume-distribution robot.


Along the way, viewers are provided with tips and tricks on how to make a good impression on recruiters.


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About Lauren Valley

Lauren Valley is a robotics artist and researcher based in Pittsburgh, PA. Through video and mechatronic installation, she attempts to explore stereotypes and gender barriers present in tech industries. Valley completed a residency at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in 2016, and at ACRE, July 2017.


She was recently granted a fellowship at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island, 2018-2019. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Valley is also the director and editor of Electric Women, the online resource dedicated to featuring the work of women of color in new media art.


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About Sean Beauford

Sean Beauford is an independent curator, using art to tell stories, present different perspectives, and promote diversity. Sean has worked with various organizations in Pittsburgh, including the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the Pittsburgh International Airport, and has recently served as a juror for CSA PGH and the Sprout Fund.



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