Jennifer Meridian

First Place Woman: August 1-27

Wild Clarity: August 28-September 28

About Wild Clarity

Jennifer Meridian – Gia Cacalano – Jasmine Hearn – 1Hood – slowdanger

Wild Clarity is a series of four short films that were each filmed over the course of one day.  The process for making them included isolating a specific site in the city that had resonance, and inviting one or more performers to engage directly with that site.  Each film creates its own logic and structure that was not reliant on a linear narrative but instead focused heavily on the characters and their expression and movement.  The result is a series of meditations that move between stillness and speed, reality and magic.


Jennifer Meridian is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.   Her practice is grounded in a philosophy of experimentation, chance, and collaboration – and she makes work that specifically attempts to interrogate and interrupt dominant systems of power that become reconsidered, dismantled, and reconstructed through a queer feminist lens. In political-personal works, she engages with a range of source materials including government proposals, fragments of slate, and other artists and performers to create solo and collaborative works that span discipline and media.

She has shown in galleries, museums and screening venues across the US. Her recent collaborative project with JM Design Studio, ‘The Other Border Wall Proposals’, received major national media coverage when they were submitted to the Customs and Border Control Agency on April 4, 2017.


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