Selected Works

September 29-October 26


Since his early exposure to video game consoles and computers–an Atari at 5, a Commodore 64 at 7, and an Amiga at 13–Mert Keskin, better known as Haydiroket, has always felt drawn to the digital world. Having access to a personal computer at a young age, he unleashed his potential when he began creating digital artworks for Damascene groups in the mid ‘90s. His work resembles the aesthetic of 8-bit color graphics seen on early Nintendo, Sega an Commodore devices.


Mert Keskin is a digital artist living in Istanbul. His main mediums are GIF, Video and Collage. His works have been presented in the Museum of the Moving Image, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.


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