Selected Works: June 15 – July 13


dadpranks, a collaborative effort comprised of six educated middle class white women, want to effect change through their art while eliciting a response to visual stimuli. A nutty cocktail of digital iGeneralationism and post-consumer waste, #dadpranks do not understand hashtags, but still manage to #boycotthershey using #strange #realhumor. Like a Nike model training on a Sodastream ™, beach with a Febreze (r) sunset peeling off, their work conjures a nostalgic yearning for Easter Sundays spent at grandma’s house, when gooey residue from CADBURY CREME EGG Candy would cling to your hands. (Elena Harvey Collins, Cleveland MOCA)


dadpranks (collective, founded Pittsburgh, PA, 2013) is Lauren Goshinski, Kate Hansen, Isla Hansen, Elina Malkin, Nina Sarnelle, and Laura A. Warman. The group makes use of evolving retail aesthetics in conjunction with mass produced objects to explore the relationship between consumer and  technology, both on and offline. dadpranks has participated in group exhibitions at SPACE, Pittsburgh; MOCA Cleveland; and SPACES gallery, Cleveland, OH (all 2015). Their work has been screened in 2015 in Pittsburgh at H30, The Drift; VIA Festival;  and the Three Rivers Arts Festival, as well in 2016  at the Athens International Film Festival, Athens, OH. Their project sensory 3 was presented at Open Engagement, Pittsburgh 2015.


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